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You think you're using safe products, but what if I told you that chances are, they are loaded with carcinogens, hormone disruptors, heavy metals, drug waste including birth control pills, antidepressants, heart medication, antibiotics, and more?

The beauty industry is lying to you... what they are selling you is NOT what you are buying.

The Shocking Truth

Many products labeled as "natural" and "organic" are secretly filled with harmful ingredients that accelerate aging, cause chronic inflammation, and lead to serious health issues like thyroid dysfunction.

The beauty industry doesn't want you to know this, but I'm here to disrupt their game and spill all their dirty secrets.

I'm Trina Felber

Hi, I’m Trina Felber, a registered nurse with over 17 years of experience formulating and manufacturing premium organic and natural skincare. I know exactly what to look for in ingredient lists and I've seen firsthand how deceptive labeling can be.

I’m committed to helping you see through the lies.

In my Bold Beauty "How to Read Skincare Labels" lesson, you'll gain the skills to:

Decipher Labels Instantly: I'll teach you how to simplify "reading labels" so effectively that within 5 seconds, you'll know if a product is worth your time, money, beauty, and health.

Identify Top Offenders: Learn to spot the most common toxic ingredients that are secretly aging your skin and harming your health.

Evaluate Product Packaging: Understand what to look for and what to avoid in product packaging to ensure you're making the best choices for your skin and health.

Make Informed Choices: Empower yourself with the knowledge to select products that genuinely support your skin's health and overall wellness.

forget skincare rating companies

Forget the skincare ratings companies like the EWG and Think Dirty. They are lying to you too!

Once you take this 30-minute course, you won't need them anymore! You will have the knowledge to know what you are really buying!

Stop Wasting Money

Stop wasting your money on products that don’t work and could be harming you. This lesson will save you thousands of dollars by ensuring you only invest in products that truly benefit you.




It's time to take control of your skincare routine and protect your health. My "How to Read Skincare Labels" lesson is designed to arm you with the knowledge and tools you need.

Don't let hidden toxins sabotage your beauty and health journey.

Enroll today and start your path to radiant, youthful skin and a healthier you. I’ll reveal the truth and empower you to achieve the glowing, ageless beauty you deserve.


Client Experiences

Jocilyn L. 

"How To Read Skincare Labels" lesson is worth so much more than the $9.97 price tag. The value of the information she provides is incredible. Trina breaks down complex concepts into easy-to-understand advice, giving me the confidence to choose the best products for my skin. This lesson has saved me time, money, and potential harm from using the wrong products. It's an investment in my health and beauty that I highly recommend to anyone!

Bethany H. 

Trina's lesson on skincare labels truly opened my eyes. I never thought about the impact of plastic packaging on my skincare products. Trina explained the hidden dangers and how plastic can leach harmful chemicals into our products. Her insights were straightforward and easy to grasp, completely changing how I view and choose my skincare items. If you care about what goes on your skin, this lesson is essential. 

Sandy F. 

This lesson is a game-changer! Trina breaks down complex jargon into simple, digestible information, making it easy to understand what ingredients to look for and avoid. Before, I felt overwhelmed and unsure about my skincare choices. Now, I feel totally confident in picking products that truly benefit my skin. If you’ve ever felt lost in the skincare aisle, this lesson is a must-watch.

Jackie Y. 

Trina's lesson on skincare labels was a real eye-opener. I never realized how damaging water can be to the skin and body. Trina explained it so clearly and simply, making it easy to understand why avoiding water-based products is crucial. Her insights have completely transformed how I choose my skincare products. If you want to protect your skin and health, this lesson is a must!!.